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Mød ikke op i klinikken, hvis der er mistanke til at I kan være udsat for smittet med Corona virus.
Please don´t come to the Clinic if you have any risk of having an infection with Corona virus.

Ring gerne og få vejledning i vores telefontid.
Please call the Clinic for advise if needed.



Medical History

Vægt - BørnelægenIt is useful to have detailed information about the development of symptoms, how the general health was prior to symptoms, genetic and social factors, allergies, and possible causes of symptoms.

Please bring relevant documents concerning height and weight measurements with correlating dates, such as “The Child’s Book” (Barnets Bog), and copies of previous records and statements.


The child will be examined throughly.
The child will be measured and weighed. The child’s development will be evaluated. As a pediatrician, I will observe, listen and palpate and if necessary I will:

*measure blood pressure, head circumference, waist,  lung function, peak flow
*do a functional neurological examination (FNU)
*run a urintest
*take a throat culture
*do a skin prick test to study allergies
*do a food challenge or give sublingual/subcutane immune therapy

If necessary, a child will be sent to further testing of bloodwork, breath test or EKG (heart activity test) at a local laboratory facility. Tests may be sent to The Serum Insitute or to other diagnostic laboratories.

Referrals can be made for an x-ray, a MR-scan or an ultrasound, EEG (brain activity), physical therapy, consultations with other specialists, pedagogical psychological counseling (PPR) or social workers in the municipality.

A child may also be referred to further examination at a pediatric unit or other field of specialty.

The child’s primary physician will routinely receive a copy of the file unless something else  is agreed.